Costing Courses

Accredited training can appear expensive because, unlike universities, private training providers are not subsidised in any way. The most important means of funding accredited training is therefore to convince employers to use SDL funding to pay for training of their employees or unemployed interns. Alternatively, SETAs do fund accredited training in the form of learnerships, skills programmes or short courses.

It is important to come to a proper costing for delivering accredited courses otherwise there is the danger that either the courses are costed too high and no-one is prepared to attend or they could be costed too low and your organisation then runs at a loss. Neither of these situations are desireable.

A very simple course delivery costing calculator is provided to the right and is based on only two entries: (1) for the total number of credits and (2) the total number of contact tutorial days. The top calculator is for courses of 15 credits or less and the second calculator is for courses over 15 credits. It is important to use the correct one as the formulae are different. Enter these two figures and click on ‘get results’ and you will be presented with a ballpark figure that includes the costs of:

  • Training Venue
  • Teas and Lunches
  • Training Materials & Equipment
  • Course Facilitation
  • Assessment and Moderation
  • Transport for 1 Fieldtrip
  • Administration and QMS

The total excludes VAT or any other expenses not listed above. If you have additional expenses or know that certain costs will be higher than usual, you will need to adjust the figure accordingly.